Youth Tech

{June 29, 2006}   Literacy Quote

During a presentation at the American Library Association this past weekend I picked up a quote that I want to keep floating out there in the net/blogsphere.

“True literacy is the ability to fruitfully engage complex tasks.”
— Michael Gorman

That kind of thought really helps those of us who struggle with the justification of new media activities within a rather rigid educational and institutional structure that bases its actions upon traditional definitions of literacy.



{June 28, 2006}   Beginnings …


This is a site/blog that will post, converse, write and communicate about issues that involve youth (teens, tweens & tods) and how best to interact, educate, entertain, relate and learn. We hope to post on broad themes and specific issues that will be of interest to educators and learners within the following institutional situations: schools, libraries, media & technology centers, museums, community arts centers, youth clubs and beyond.

The authority represented by this endeavor is only through desire. We do not claim to have particular expertise, etc., but we do have understanding, knowledge, interest and an occasional question or two that we would love to share.

This site is more about creating a conversation, a dialogue about working with youth in creative/innovative environments.

I think that fairly represents our intentions, so lets get this party started.


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