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{August 24, 2006}   Media Snackers

YO! If you haven’t checked this out then you need to. Media Snackers is a fairly new thing in the UK, and their work reverberates throughout the world. They are awesome when it comes to youth advocacy for creative media uses and understandings. Check out their site at: Listen to some of their podcasts at: Get involved/join them at:


wow! love the new skin

DK says:

Thanx for the ‘shout-out’ my friend… great design on the blog as well and looking forward to interviewing you for a podcast 🙂


Thanks for the information on Media Snackers. I can vouch for this
teen behavior. My cousins think that e-mail is so passe and only for
business and grown-ups. If they aren’t IMing they are gaming! The
wallpaper for the blog is very appropriate for your topic. Keep

CM says:

Nice site. Been browsing around and found a lot of very useful information, thanks.

[…] your knowledge base. With any luck this week, you may have also stumbled across one or two neat finds that might be fun or useful to the public […]

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