Youth Tech

{September 29, 2006}   Science & Math Keys for Afterschool Activity

Experts meet with Congress to discuss how afterschool programs that teach science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills through fun, engaging activities such as computer programming, robotics, and 3-D digital animation. The briefing was sponsored by the Coalition for Science After School, the Afterschool Alliance, the National
Science Teachers Association and the National Council of Teachers of
Mathematics in conjunction with the Senate and House Science, Technology,
Engineering and Math (STEM) Education Caucuses and the Senate and House
Afterschool Caucuses. For more information on STEM and afterschool check out:


AfterSchool Alliance is also partnering with TiVo on “LIGHTS ON AFTER SCHOOL” a campaign to raise awareness of the need for afterschool programs for every child. There’s plenty on TV to support math and science activities — from Discover and TLC to PBS and NOVA. TiVo’s free KidZone service lets you record those programs in a special section of the box, isolated from the adult programming. Record material that supports their learning whether at home or at one of the Alliance after school centers and lock them out of the rest — both live and recorded. There are sets of recommendations (by age) gathered by children’s advocacy groups, too. It’s great.

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