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{December 5, 2006}   Whyville & Stacey Orrico …


I recently received an email from Whyville. Need I ask why? I don’t know, but anyway it is one of the more interesting social networking sites out there for tweens and teens. eSchool News writes about it as being a safe social networking site for youth.

Whyville has over 1.7 million residents that come to learn create and have fun together. It has its own newspaper, politicians, beach, economy, city hall and much, much more.

Check it out, for tonight Stacey Orrico is giving a free virtual concert there.


Kaye says:

I’m a member of Whyville, and I’m really looking forward to the concert! I’ve never been to a real concert because none of my favorite singers are ever in my town, so this will be a greate experiance for me!

superid says:

Hey Kay, this is superid, founder of whyville (and CEO of Numedeon Inc, Whyville’s parent company).

Hope you enjoyed the concert — turns out 8,000 Whyvillians attended.

And thanks Youth Tech, for paying attention.


(Jim Bower, CEO)

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