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{April 14, 2007}   Computers in Libraries 2007


I’m back, and tomorrow I’m off to do a couple talks at the Computers in Libraries Conference.

Building Libraries in Virtual Worlds
Lori Bell, Director, Innovation, Alliance Library System
Matt Gullett, Emerging Technology Manager, &
Kelly Czarnecki, Teen Librarian, Imaginon, Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Library
Tom Peters, CEO, TAP Information Services

Virtual worlds such as Second Life, Active Worlds, and World of Warcraft are growing at amazing and increasing rates. These presenters will talk about their experiences, challenges, and successes in creating a library presence in Second Life for adults and teens. Involvement for all types of libraries will be discussed as well as how your library can get involved in these projects or start your own. A growing number of users are on the Internet in the virtual worlds. Libraries need to be there, too.

Tech Freebies & Program Ideas
Janie Hermann, Technology Training Librarian &
Robert Keith, Tech Aide, Princeton Public Library (PPL)
Matt Gullett, Emerging Technology Manager &
Robin Bryan,
Technology Education Manager, ImaginOn, Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County

Discover how you can take one innovative program and turn it in to the cornerstone for a broader range of technology training for both the public and your library staff. Hermann and Keith, PPL’s technology teaching team, talk about the Fantastic Freebies program they used to jumpstart their 2.0 Technologies Training initiative. This program, in which staff and patrons are trained together, is expanding monthly with great success. They illustrate with a quick tour some of the hottest freebies and examine a few of the newest and most useful tools to keep you on the cutting edge of technology. Gullett and Bryan discuss new ideas and perspectives for any sized library and budget to place in your teens’ and tweens’ programming portfolio. They provide lots of resources, including ideas, sites, program plans, software, and hardware recommendations on technology oriented programs to offer in your own environment.

We will also be demonstrating the new portable animation station that John Lemmon built for ImaginOn and PLCMC. Here is the Handout for the program.

Portable Animation Station


{September 26, 2006}   More from Media Snackers …

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I just received this via MySpace from DK, my Media Snackers buddy.

Subject MediaSnackers Training Launched

MediaSnackers offers training in new media/technology for young people plus youth professionals. You can check out the quotes below along with the short films from the days.For more information please download this PDF (351k):

Training for youth professionals
“Rarely when you take part in training are you challenged, have fun, take part in stimulating conversations with peers and experience something totally new and different. This is exactly what the MediaSnackers training delivered.I was quite apprehensive at first and afraid that it would all be too technical and off putting but DK’s teaching style was fantastically energetic, interactive and fast paced, the days flew over and left you wanting more, so much so that most of us spent the evenings at home showing off our new skills to our friends and family. The information we received and confidence we developed to apply what we learnt has already had a positive impact on the work I do and has helped me to think about other methods of engaging young people. My role covers the whole of the NE region including two large rural areas which often means young people are excluded from taking part in regional opportunities. The virtual world could offer these young people another layer of involvement that I wouldn’t have considered without this training.I would recommend the MediaSnackers training to anyone and everyone as it will help you to think more creatively about the work you do and to quote another member of the group, ‘It does what it says on the tin’!

The Regional Youth Work Unit were pleased to be able to organise this training in the North East and hope that there will be enough demand to bring DK back again in the not too distant future.”

Kirsty Beeston, Regional Participation Officer, Regional Youth Work Unit

Check out the film from the training:

Training for young people

“DK has a very relaxed and friendly approach to work, creating the perfect environment for learning. He has a very refreshing style which is engaging and easy to follow. The young people that attended his training found him both inspiring and motivational and many have kept in touch with him following the session. He is a professional trainer who delivers beyond expectation.

DK ran a full day’s session on ‘Weblogging & Podcasting’ aimed at a small group of young people. The aim of the session was to equip attendees with the knowledge and skills to become keen bloggers and podcasters! He did just that with many of the young people now regularly blogging and keen to get started on making podcasts with us! I was extremely pleased with the outcomes of the session which had 100% positive feedback from all the attendees. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for training in this area.”

Rachel Wilkinson, Marketing & Communications Officer, Youth Action Network

Check out the film from the training:

: )

{August 24, 2006}   Media Snackers

YO! If you haven’t checked this out then you need to. Media Snackers is a fairly new thing in the UK, and their work reverberates throughout the world. They are awesome when it comes to youth advocacy for creative media uses and understandings. Check out their site at: Listen to some of their podcasts at: Get involved/join them at:

et cetera