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{December 6, 2006}   YouthLearn’s 100 Big Things …

YouthLearn’s 100 Big Things in Youth, Technology & Education

If you are working with youth in any capacity that touches upon either technology & education you need to read through this list (,
print it out and use it in planning your activities for the next year or so. Following are a few things that I pulled out of the list that looked interesting.

4. Text Messaging & IM
20. Wikipedia
21. YouTube

32. Gaming & Education
33. Global Kids Online Game Project
34. Girls Creating Games
35. Second Life

39. Youth Civic Engagement & Technology
78. NAMAC’s Youth Resources
94. Youth & Media

Check out the newsletter list for descriptions and links to further resources.


{December 5, 2006}   Whyville & Stacey Orrico …


I recently received an email from Whyville. Need I ask why? I don’t know, but anyway it is one of the more interesting social networking sites out there for tweens and teens. eSchool News writes about it as being a safe social networking site for youth.

Whyville has over 1.7 million residents that come to learn create and have fun together. It has its own newspaper, politicians, beach, economy, city hall and much, much more.

Check it out, for tonight Stacey Orrico is giving a free virtual concert there.

{December 5, 2006}   News & Stuff…

My apologies for being away for awhile. Sometimes life gets in the way, or maybe it is that life happens. Regardless, I’m back with news and a few posts.

News: As of January 2, 2007, I will be serving in a new capacity as the Emerging Technology Manager here at the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. I still intend to maintain my enthusiasm and commitment to several youth oriented projects (Eye4You Alliance Second Life Project and several long term initiatives here at ImaginOn) but will also be working with and continuing to develop adult oriented computer and technology oriented programs, experiences, etc. at PLCMC’s Virtual Village and throughout.

I still intend to maintain this blog, for we will also be moving it to its own domain soon. We might adjust the idealistic purpose of the blog’s direction a bit, but will still include youth oriented technology news and items of interest. Youth Tech should be more about the youthful enthusiasm for technology that folks have. It just so happens that our youth tend to have this built into them and through the years it is pushed out of them in various ways and maturation processes. This blog is about that attitude and how it is present in our worlds, but also how one might present and foster such an attitude of learning, change, youth and technology.

et cetera